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Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is the most crucial document of your marriage. It is a proof that your are legally married to a person. A marriage certificate is required if you want to apply for passport, open a bank account after marriage. In case of marriage disputes marriage certificate is considered to be a very strong proof of marriage.

For women marriage certificate holds lot of importance in case of marriage disputes as it is a valid proof of the marriage.  A marriage certificate is also required in case you want to apply for life insurance policies.

Documents Required to apply for a Marriage Certificate: 

In order to get your marriage registered and apply for a  marriage certificate you need to have the necessary documents mentioned here, you need to apply for the marriage certificate along with these documents.

  • An original invitation card of your marriage
  • Documents related to age of applicants like birth certificate or class X marksheet
  • driving license, ration card, voter ID card or bill of landline phone or electricity bill which is a proof of current residence
  •  Two Photographs depicting the matrimonial ceremony of the applicants.
  • Three witnesses of marriage in whose presence marriage has taken place.

If your marriage has already taken place you can apply for marriage certificate with the above documents. Marriage registration is highly beneficial for both bride and groom, the process is simple and consumes very little time so apply for the same as soon as your s marriage has been solemnized

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