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Hindu Marriage Not Valid Without Saat Pheras

The Allahabad High Court dismissed proceedings in a case where a man accused his estranged wife of entering into a second marriage without obtaining a divorce from him. The decision was reported by PTI on October 4.

Hindu Marriage

Justice Sanjay Kumar Singh, while allowing a petition filed by Smriti Singh, made an observation regarding the term “solemnized.” He stated that solemnized refers to a marriage that is celebrated “with proper ceremonies and in due form.” In other words, for a marriage to be considered solemnized, it must be conducted with the appropriate rituals and formalities. Without these rituals, a marriage cannot be deemed solemnized. The ‘Saptapadi’ or “Saat Pheras” ceremony under the Hindu Law is one of the essential ingredients to constitute a valid marriage but the said evidence is lacking in the present case,” the court order stated.

This observation by the judge seems to emphasize the importance of following proper procedures and ceremonies in the context of marriage in accordance with legal and customary requirements. It’s important to note that legal interpretations and judgments can vary by jurisdiction and specific circumstances, so the context and legal framework of this case would be important to consider for a full understanding of the ruling.

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